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So this is my first blog post for 2012,I was busy traveling around Europe and Catering (yep! I have my own Catering business). I promise to post more often now. I PROMISE! hahaha!

They say 2012 is the end of the world. With all the Natural Calamities happening (specially here in the Philippines) and all the protest, wars around the world people are really believing and scared that 2012 might be the end. Enough said it’s not the end of the world. believing it is will not get you somewhere your just scaring yourself well, if it is true then spend every minute, every hour, every day with the person you love and your family. make each day count and tell them you love them so when the “end of the world” arrives you can tell yourself it was sooo good while it last 🙂

To summarize my 2011, I can say I have a Quality time with my Family and the whole clan with all the places we’ve been and been through. Oh, and wait for my video post i just have some last minute editing to do.

How was you 2011?

xoxo, Tin

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Rachel Zoe : My Fashion Guru

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SOTD: Finale by Funeral Party

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Will update soon!

Sorry guys if I don’t blog for few months because it was a crazy time for me but I will blog soon!!! can I say… BRB?? see ya! love lots, tin=)

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Chanel Iman

backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Annual Show 2010 her first wings her second wingsisn’t she hot??

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It was fun while it last

Last night at Sydney with a 11am flight the next day, YES we did party hard at Mr. B’s Satisfaction Super Club Left to Right: Ate Ciara (My older sister), Me, Irene and Kuya Jun were drinking Pineapple Juice with Vodka … Continue reading

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A walk in the City

This photo was taken in Australia when me and my sister went to Sydney with our cousins and walk around the lovely streets. It was a weekday and the shops closed early thats why we haven’t bought anything….yet. from Left to right: Me, Don, … Continue reading

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